Unfortunately being in the teaching environment I am in currently there is little to no accommodations for many disabilities. The number of students we have that require those accommodations are few and usually have an attached EA to provide more hands on assistance. I know that there are quite a few adaptations I could apply and or implement so far as Art Education goes. Especially when thinking about how Kandinsky and Huggins theorized that music could impact the creation of art and with that it opens the idea that those with visual impairments could create valid and interesting compositions as could hearing impaired using vibrations of that music. As we move into a more integrated world where we have access to digital media and the experimentation of using DNI technology (Direct Neural Interface), this allows people access to new ways of being able to create. In a smaller environment like our private school it becomes more of a struggle to provide the resources to those who need them as the cost can often times override the capacity to actually provide.

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