I teach 6th to 8th grade in a Punjabi Private School currently, 7th grade is my homeroom class and I teach them ELA, Science, Socials and Character. Then I have Fine Art classes that range throughout and 8th grade Design Fundamentals. The foundation of the school is to provide a strong connection to the students culture while integrating Canadian culture with their South Asian background. The students range quite widely but there is a definite focus on academics, with Math and Science being seen as more important, but attitudes are slowly changing and many are seeing the value in the Humanities. We have average class sizes with a mixture of both online and in person learning. Being an Art Teacher first I try to incorporate using art as well as some more traditional techniques to create a broad access style to learning where the students can use both visual, kinetic and auditory aspects to draw their learning from. I try to have them create a wider standard and visual vocabulary they can draw from to express their ideas and summations.


I think the students in my particular grade levels could benefit from guiding appropriate goal setting, 7th grade especially seems to have a great deal of difficulty with this aspect of executive functioning and helping them to achieve small goals first and work up to bigger and bigger ones through scaffolded success could benefit them a great deal.

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