I used Audacity to create my audio much like many of the other students in class. I muddled with it a little at first but I eventually got the hang of it. Though admittedly I’m not much of a sound engineer. My initial foray was to create an introductory lecture to introduce the basics to Art as a subject.

I went on to create a second portion to the lecture to expand upon the information.

From there I went through and ran noise reduction which did not really seem to do very much, though I am sure that it did something.

Finally I found a piece of music on Free Background Tracks and brought it into Audacity. I then clipped the really heavy part out and looped it, then reduced the loudness so it would not overpower my voice. The result is acceptable, though I don’t much like the sound of my voice, I suppose that is something I’ll get used to.

I could foresee using this to help create dialogue for a number of lessons, especially to help students that are not as visually capable. Though with art, a lot of times the descriptions have to be very detailed to allowed non-visual learners to understand what to accomplish.


Free Music

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