Over the length of the course I had some difficulties as I was maintaining my own classes as well. Especially with grading during term end before spring break. Spring break allowed me some time to catch up and even though I found the work to be challenging I managed to get the majority of the work accomplished. I hope that what I brought to the table was helpful. I do feel that I learned quite a bit and have a much better armory of tools to approach digital learning after this.

Now the three lessons that are going to follow uses the skills I learned through this course.


Grade 6/7/8 Art

Learning Outcomes:

Be able to create and distinguish between the three types of perspective and how the shapes are created for each type.


To be able to draw perspective shapes in all three of the primary perspective types.


Watch the videos and once each is completed draw at least 3 shapes using each of the perspective types.  Once done submit for feedback.


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